Entrepreneurs 3 Program

Mobaderoon 3 is a project for supporting pioneer youths in Gaza Strip. It focuses on entrepreneurs and alumni, who have leading aspiring ideas in various spheres, that is could turn into commercial successful projects and activities income. Mobaderoon 3 provides a group of services, such as managerial, technical, and specialized training, incubating and funding, directing and guiding. It works profoundly to enhance the chances of succeeding the idea in order to successful project; it also helps in marketing the project domestically, regionally, and internationally through specialized unit. In addition to help in connecting the entrepreneurs with a wide network of relationships with individuals, concerned institutions, and investors.

The Target Class:

The students, alumni, and entrepreneurs with creative ideas from both gender, from different majors, and from the whole universities and colleges in Gaza Strip.

The process and services:

Receiving applications and the first evaluation (100 ideas).

Training and specialized work shops (boot camps).

Choosing and interviews (46 ideas).

Pre-incubation period for two months (building the first prototype).

Choose the 20 winning startups.

Incubation period for ten months (financial, Marketing and consulting support).

Launching the companies for the market.